• At Casey's joinery we offer complete kitchen design & refurbishment solutions

  • At Casey's Joinery we work closely with all our clients to offer the best design options available

  • Your kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where good design & function meet. We aim too create the perfect space for you & your family

  • At Casey's Joinery you can choose any colour for your design as we have an onsite spray booth for all your colour combinations

  • The kitchen where every millimetre matters, making efficient design beautiful

  • Discover the storage potential of your little spaces


 Kitchens at Casey's Joinery

Casey's Joinery offer total kitchen refurbishment solutions.

Why replace your existing kitchen when all you may need is a new finish?

You can choose the style, colour and the budget.
We can paint over prefinished surfaces, saving you money on new cupboards and doors.

You can choose to upgrade your existing benchtop design, perhaps you wish to add new handles or pulls? 

Your kitchen is often the most hardworking room in your home,  discover how the right design can help make it the most functional room for you & your family

 Refresh, renew or completely redesign your kitchen, we can do it all at Casey's.

 Notes for kitchen design

 Make a plan

If you’re looking to create a new kitchen space, panning out the project is the essential first step.

By having a clear picture of what you want to achieve, the creation of your new kitchen will be a much smoother and rewarding process.

If a complete overhaul is out of the question, here are some quick kitchen renovation ideas that will immediately lift the space.

  • If your cabinetry is in decent condition and your happy with the layout, then a re-spray may be the answer. We recommend replacing any damaged joinery rather than spraying it.
  •  Replace bench tops – if the kitchen joinery is in reasonable condition, replace the benchtops. They are one of the most visible and most used features of any kitchen and offer the opportunity to make a design statement
  • Perhaps your kitchen just needs the layout slightly altered, for example replacing cupboards with draws to maximise storage space.


Set a budget

The key influencers of cost in a kitchen project are the size of the space, the materials used and paying for the time of tradespeople and professional service suppliers. Think about if you’ll use the kitchen’s existing footprint or add to it; whether you’ll do any work yourself, and what products and features you want to include, will help you gauge an estimated cost.

Any changes to the room or services configuration – such as moving walls or gas/water pipes – will obviously have an impact on your budget.

 Consider your layout

Deciding on the layout of your kitchen is one of the biggest considerations in the whole process. Space, function and proportions all need to be factored into the mix. Also, remember the 'golden triangle rule' – the most efficient configuration of space between the sink, cooktop and fridge. But there are tried and true kitchen layouts to base your planning on:


A U-shape layout is a suitable choice for larger kitchen spaces. As well as providing excellent storage space, a U-shape design is a great way to gain ample bench space.


If you are planning on an open plan kitchen space, the L-shape layout should be considered. An advantage of this layout is that it allows a great ease of movement around the kitchen.


The galley layout is popular with those who love creating in the kitchen. This is because the layout allows for excellent access to all kitchen work areas.


If you're working to fit everything into a tight or narrow kitchen space, the straight-line layout is a good option. This layout is also worth considering if you're also working with a smaller budget.


Measure your kitchen space

In order to create a plan for your new kitchen, the key measurements you need are:

  • The height of the room (floor to ceiling)
  • The length and width of the room (wall-to-wall)
  • The length of all walls to doorways and the height from the floor to any windows 
  • The location of any old or new light switches and any existing services, e.g. plumbing
  • Appliances such as the fridge, oven, cooktop, microwave

Optimise your kitchen layout

It’s all about having a comfortable amount of space in the right places:  

When planning a kitchen, it’s important to give careful consideration to how the space will be used. Some questions need to be answered, like

‘Do you want people in the kitchen with you while you are cooking?’ and ‘Do you want people to see what is on the kitchen bench?’

How a kitchen should function is a personal matter, and your kitchen design should reflect that.

Make sure there is nice flow – if you’re chopping up vegetables then the bin should be close by and you should be close to the sink so you can wash them.

When you open up the dishwasher, you don’t want to close off half of the kitchen and have to step over it.

The kitchen’s aesthetic and floor plan will be dictated by where it’s located and the size of your home if it’s on show versus being tucked around a corner, the location will  start to direct how you will design your kitchen.


Renovating your kitchen can be a daunting task, but with a bit of planning your dream kitchen can become your reality.